Monday, September 28, 2009

no time to blog anymore...

hey guys, remember the good old days when I had time to blog?
anyway, just got into playing star wars: KOTOR. It's a great game (if you play it on a 360, otherwise framerate is terrible,) I enjoy the chatting system, simmilar to mass effect. Bioware made both of these games, so it shouldn't be a surprise.
I chose from the start that I would be evil in the decisions I made in the game, and now I am starting to realise that being evil is hard! whenever I vibro-blade some hapless civilian, I always shudder." Why is this so hard?" I think. In pretty much all games you have to blow stuff up (well, the ones I like.) But in this game it's different, because I have a choice. Do I give the beggar 5 credits? (star wars currency) Or do I blow him up and gain 20 credits and a med pack?
In other games it is your objective to destroy everything in your way to get to the objective, but in's different.
So I thought, in all these other games, if I had the choice there, would I blow up the covenant? or would I give them a buck to let me pass?
Well, that was a bad example, kills in halo are quite satisfying, but I hope you get the point.
so yeah this is where I'm at. think about yourself for a bit.