Sunday, August 16, 2009

iron man papercraft

here is a simple little papercraft I obtained from the always awesome, of iron man!
took me about 30 minutes, part of the reason for the fairly sloppy build.
P.s. I did use glue mostly, I was out of cardstock so I couldn't use my super hot glue chian machine ultimate gun thing, so sticky tape was required for some sections.

Friday, August 14, 2009

awesome batman arkham asylum animated .gif by me

EDIT: made whole page load really it is...

Samsung Omina paperrcraft

another one of my earlier papercrafts, it the samsung omina! according to the ever-reliable wikipedia it is a mobile phone released by Samsung Mobile. Announced in June 2008, the Omnia was launched in Singapore in mid-June, available in stores on the 20th of June, and in the rest of Asia in July. For some parts of Europe, it was launched in August. The American version launched in December 2008 through Verizon Wireless[2] while the Canadian version launched in April 2009 through Telus Mobility.

The Samsung Omnia comes with the following applications preinstalled to make its GUI and its functions distinguishable from other Windows Mobile 6–based smartphones:

  • Samsung Today Screen 1 (alternative home screen UI)
  • Samsung Today Screen 2 (similar to Samsung Today Screen 1)
  • Samsung Touch Wiz UI (alternative application menu with a widget bar and widgets)
All these applications have the ability to be controlled by sliding the finger across the screen. The third Today Screen has gained interest because of its control method. It uses about a fourth of the screen on the left side to hold a bar of widgets that can be scrolled up and down. The rest of the screen is customizable, as widgets can be pulled out of the sidebar and onto the main screen to be expanded for quick use.

anyway,the templates can be found somewhere around this sentence...probably here
I also made a bluetooth headset to go with it, but I wouldn't recommend making it unless you mod it can be found here
(ron, please don't put the bluetooth on, unless you want 567460947 haters)

happy building!

toshiba memory stick papercraft box

even comes with a 50% off sticker! (optional, just in case you like things exxy)
anyway, the templates are smack bang here
happy building!

ipod nano 3rd gen

here we have the iPod nano 3rd gen papercraft, which I also made earlier this year.
this one is pretty small, but is very simple.
the templates can be found here
you can be sure we will be seeing this one on, aswell!
come on ron, we know your listening!

nintendo DSi papercraft

I designed a nintendo DSi papercraft late last year, thought you guys might wanna check it out.

It also comes with a box, and an SD card.
Beginners may have some trouble with the SD card port, but that part is entirely optional.
you can grab the template here

also, here is the box

hopefully we can get this one featured on aswell.
(this time there better not be so many haters!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

guitar hero world tour drum set papercraft: BETA

I just finished the beta for the guitar hero: world tour drum set that so many FX consolians have been drooling over for months.
I wouldn't suggest you make this if you are new to papercraft, as this is a beta, and you will have to assemble a few minor pieces for yourself. (that's only if you want it to be just like the photo of my original)
The templates can be found HERE.
Eventually there will be a microphone, box and guitar to go with it.
Anyway, happy building!
(disclaimer: high hats may need to be trimmed)
user posted imageuser posted image
also comes with a foot pedal.

more news from the ipod nano firmware update 1.0.4

I have looked at every last menu of my ipod nano g4, and the new 60mb firmware update has only changed one immediately visible thing.....(drum-roll, please) turned on the video setting that means that it asks you if you want to use video-out whenever you start a video or movie!
I know this is easily fixable, (and I did switch it back) but you would think that a firmware update would keep all your settings the same.
And I do know that the update would have fixed a lot of little things that may cause my ipod to freeze up or whatever, but really, was it worth it?
Now I am going on a bit about how annoying this little download was...I am kinda blowing it out of proportion, but the reason that I am annoyed by this is the recent iTunes 8.
It took me at least 45 minutes to fix up my computer after getting it.
as soon as it was installed AVG came up saying " virus detected!" and it had a HUGE list of Trojans that it had put on my computer.
So I googled 'iTunes 8 trojans,' 'iTunes 8 installation problems', and it appeared that pretty much everyone was having the same problem.
Really,'ve got the most popular music service here. Would it hurt to test your 80MB download out more than twice before you send it all over the world to the millions of people that use iTunes?
(Disclaimer: I know that apple wouldve tested it more than twice, it just makes it seem a lot more dramatic)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

new ipod firmware update 1.0.4

more bugs fixed! huzzah!
for a 60MB download you would think there would be something other than just 'a few minor bug fixes'....