Thursday, August 13, 2009

more news from the ipod nano firmware update 1.0.4

I have looked at every last menu of my ipod nano g4, and the new 60mb firmware update has only changed one immediately visible thing.....(drum-roll, please) turned on the video setting that means that it asks you if you want to use video-out whenever you start a video or movie!
I know this is easily fixable, (and I did switch it back) but you would think that a firmware update would keep all your settings the same.
And I do know that the update would have fixed a lot of little things that may cause my ipod to freeze up or whatever, but really, was it worth it?
Now I am going on a bit about how annoying this little download was...I am kinda blowing it out of proportion, but the reason that I am annoyed by this is the recent iTunes 8.
It took me at least 45 minutes to fix up my computer after getting it.
as soon as it was installed AVG came up saying " virus detected!" and it had a HUGE list of Trojans that it had put on my computer.
So I googled 'iTunes 8 trojans,' 'iTunes 8 installation problems', and it appeared that pretty much everyone was having the same problem.
Really,'ve got the most popular music service here. Would it hurt to test your 80MB download out more than twice before you send it all over the world to the millions of people that use iTunes?
(Disclaimer: I know that apple wouldve tested it more than twice, it just makes it seem a lot more dramatic)

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