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Friday, October 2, 2009

transformers III

oh damn.


ok, I really wasn't expecting this. EA has announced that they will be making a spore movie! I hope it doesn't suck, but it probably will.'s Brian Linder said:
"It's a hugely customizable gaming experience. How do you think that will translate to the big (or small) screen? Is a Spore movie a good idea?"
Many questions still need to be answered. check out to find out more.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mini ninjas DS=terrible

hey guys, I've been playing mini ninjas DS recently, and have come to the conclusion IS TERRIBLE.'s Craig Harris said:
"In the first half hour of Mini Ninjas, I never once unsheathed my sword. Instead, I spent all that time simply talking to my master and some talking crows, not to mention performing absolutely tedious and unrewarding fetch quests and running around agonizingly massive environments at a very uncomfortable pace. Yes, patience is a virtue all Ninja must possess, but the amount of patience you must have for the DS version is ridiculous."
I know exactly what he means.
so, whatever you do, DO NOT BUY MINI NINJAS for DS.
it. is. terrible.

TGS 09 over!


Cam: So Naz, another TGS is done and dusted. How did you think it compared to the other big shows of 2009, and to the last TGS you went to? Personally, I found it pretty disappointing. You can really see how much less of a console gaming epicentre Japan is these days. In its glory days it wouldn't have mattered if TGS came on the heels of E3 and a big European show: it still would have been vital and full of crazy Japanese developers doing crazy Japanese stuff that will either never make it outside Japan or will eventually blow the West away. Now it feels diminished and diluted to some extent – partly because of Japan's extended recession and partly because the show has a much more global focus now.

"Welcome to Tokyo, lads."

Naz: I wish I could balance your disappointment with a big burst of optimism but it was an undeniably weak offering this year. The vast majority of the most impressive titles were Western-developed, with Final Fantasy XIII and Gran Turismo 5 being the only really stunning Japanese games at the show. Admittedly being Westerners ourselves, we're more likely to prefer Western titles but just how far Japanese development has slid from its glory days in the '80s and '90s really hit home for me at TGS 2009. It was particularly disappointing to see the Japanese juggernaut Capcom have all its homegrown titles completely overshadowed by Dead Rising 2, which is actually being developed in Canada. That's enough about our gripes though, which game were you most pleasantly surprised by Cam?

Cam: Hmm... well, the Japanese-developed games I'm most excited about are The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XIII, Okamiden, Castlevania: Lord of Shadow and Bayonetta, but I knew they were going to look good, so they obviously weren't a surprise. Yakuza 4 was pleasantly surprising, but given the third one hasn't come out here yet, I'm not holding my breath. Outside Japan, playing Crackdown 2 multiplayer and being taken through the single player game was great - it looks like a whole lot of fun. While I honestly didn't see much evidence that the missions would be more compelling – which was my biggest complaint from the first one - the guys told us they're addressing that issue, so we'll give them the benefit of the doubt for the moment. Other than that question mark, the game looks very cool – I like the concept of the gameworld fundamentally changing between day and night (when the freaks come out), and I like how the team is going out of its way to make this sandbox even more brimming with possibilities: tethering things together to create makeshift slingshots and bridges? Awesome. The multiplayer has the potential to be fun too... although I couldn't help but think that with this much Man Cannon (aka jump pads) action, a keyboard and mouse would work better than a controller. The lock-on system definitely helps address this, but keeps things relatively balanced by only allowing you to lock-on to someone once they're in your sights, but still...

Check out some Crackdown 2 impressions in video form.

The other highlight for me was probably Alan Wake – the new demo from Remedy had really great atmosphere, and turned one of the main mechanics in the game on its head, making light your enemy rather than your friend as Alan's pursued by cops through a forest at night. The sweeping torches between the trees gave it a really X-Files vibe, while the urgency of the level really ramps up as Alan realises there's a far more menacing presence in the forest than the police. What were the heavy hitters for you Naz?

Naz: Dead Rising 2 was the big one for me. Being a huge fan of both Capcom's Resident Evil and Dead Rising zombie franchises, I was itching to get my first hands-on. The single-player was a lot of fun but a relatively predictable upgrade on the first game. The multiplayer zombie gameshow mode completely blind-sided me with its insanity. Riding motorcycles with chainsaws poking off them, while you carve your way through a velodrome packed with zombies is a hoot and a half. I wish I could say I was even a fraction as impressed by Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Sloppy shooting controls and visuals that still fall below the almost five-year-old RE4 makes a poor excuse for a sequel. Other than my zombie fetish, Darksiders really impressed me more than I thought it would with its air-tight dodging, shooting and swordplay mechanics, not to mention hulking great big bosses.

Motorbike + twin chainsaws = good times. Do the math.

I totally agree on Alan Wake, Castlevania and Crackdown all looking great but I've got to say The Last Guardian's TGS showing was limp, especially after such an amazing debut trailer. I remember you were busting to see Assassin's Creed II. Is it shaping up to be the sequel you wanted?

Monday, September 28, 2009

no time to blog anymore...

hey guys, remember the good old days when I had time to blog?
anyway, just got into playing star wars: KOTOR. It's a great game (if you play it on a 360, otherwise framerate is terrible,) I enjoy the chatting system, simmilar to mass effect. Bioware made both of these games, so it shouldn't be a surprise.
I chose from the start that I would be evil in the decisions I made in the game, and now I am starting to realise that being evil is hard! whenever I vibro-blade some hapless civilian, I always shudder." Why is this so hard?" I think. In pretty much all games you have to blow stuff up (well, the ones I like.) But in this game it's different, because I have a choice. Do I give the beggar 5 credits? (star wars currency) Or do I blow him up and gain 20 credits and a med pack?
In other games it is your objective to destroy everything in your way to get to the objective, but in's different.
So I thought, in all these other games, if I had the choice there, would I blow up the covenant? or would I give them a buck to let me pass?
Well, that was a bad example, kills in halo are quite satisfying, but I hope you get the point.
so yeah this is where I'm at. think about yourself for a bit.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

iron man papercraft

here is a simple little papercraft I obtained from the always awesome, of iron man!
took me about 30 minutes, part of the reason for the fairly sloppy build.
P.s. I did use glue mostly, I was out of cardstock so I couldn't use my super hot glue chian machine ultimate gun thing, so sticky tape was required for some sections.

Friday, August 14, 2009

awesome batman arkham asylum animated .gif by me

EDIT: made whole page load really it is...

Samsung Omina paperrcraft

another one of my earlier papercrafts, it the samsung omina! according to the ever-reliable wikipedia it is a mobile phone released by Samsung Mobile. Announced in June 2008, the Omnia was launched in Singapore in mid-June, available in stores on the 20th of June, and in the rest of Asia in July. For some parts of Europe, it was launched in August. The American version launched in December 2008 through Verizon Wireless[2] while the Canadian version launched in April 2009 through Telus Mobility.

The Samsung Omnia comes with the following applications preinstalled to make its GUI and its functions distinguishable from other Windows Mobile 6–based smartphones:

  • Samsung Today Screen 1 (alternative home screen UI)
  • Samsung Today Screen 2 (similar to Samsung Today Screen 1)
  • Samsung Touch Wiz UI (alternative application menu with a widget bar and widgets)
All these applications have the ability to be controlled by sliding the finger across the screen. The third Today Screen has gained interest because of its control method. It uses about a fourth of the screen on the left side to hold a bar of widgets that can be scrolled up and down. The rest of the screen is customizable, as widgets can be pulled out of the sidebar and onto the main screen to be expanded for quick use.

anyway,the templates can be found somewhere around this sentence...probably here
I also made a bluetooth headset to go with it, but I wouldn't recommend making it unless you mod it can be found here
(ron, please don't put the bluetooth on, unless you want 567460947 haters)

happy building!

toshiba memory stick papercraft box

even comes with a 50% off sticker! (optional, just in case you like things exxy)
anyway, the templates are smack bang here
happy building!

ipod nano 3rd gen

here we have the iPod nano 3rd gen papercraft, which I also made earlier this year.
this one is pretty small, but is very simple.
the templates can be found here
you can be sure we will be seeing this one on, aswell!
come on ron, we know your listening!

nintendo DSi papercraft

I designed a nintendo DSi papercraft late last year, thought you guys might wanna check it out.

It also comes with a box, and an SD card.
Beginners may have some trouble with the SD card port, but that part is entirely optional.
you can grab the template here

also, here is the box

hopefully we can get this one featured on aswell.
(this time there better not be so many haters!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

guitar hero world tour drum set papercraft: BETA

I just finished the beta for the guitar hero: world tour drum set that so many FX consolians have been drooling over for months.
I wouldn't suggest you make this if you are new to papercraft, as this is a beta, and you will have to assemble a few minor pieces for yourself. (that's only if you want it to be just like the photo of my original)
The templates can be found HERE.
Eventually there will be a microphone, box and guitar to go with it.
Anyway, happy building!
(disclaimer: high hats may need to be trimmed)
user posted imageuser posted image
also comes with a foot pedal.

more news from the ipod nano firmware update 1.0.4

I have looked at every last menu of my ipod nano g4, and the new 60mb firmware update has only changed one immediately visible thing.....(drum-roll, please) turned on the video setting that means that it asks you if you want to use video-out whenever you start a video or movie!
I know this is easily fixable, (and I did switch it back) but you would think that a firmware update would keep all your settings the same.
And I do know that the update would have fixed a lot of little things that may cause my ipod to freeze up or whatever, but really, was it worth it?
Now I am going on a bit about how annoying this little download was...I am kinda blowing it out of proportion, but the reason that I am annoyed by this is the recent iTunes 8.
It took me at least 45 minutes to fix up my computer after getting it.
as soon as it was installed AVG came up saying " virus detected!" and it had a HUGE list of Trojans that it had put on my computer.
So I googled 'iTunes 8 trojans,' 'iTunes 8 installation problems', and it appeared that pretty much everyone was having the same problem.
Really,'ve got the most popular music service here. Would it hurt to test your 80MB download out more than twice before you send it all over the world to the millions of people that use iTunes?
(Disclaimer: I know that apple wouldve tested it more than twice, it just makes it seem a lot more dramatic)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

new ipod firmware update 1.0.4

more bugs fixed! huzzah!
for a 60MB download you would think there would be something other than just 'a few minor bug fixes'....

Friday, July 31, 2009

new title banner!

as you may have seen, we now have a new and totally improved title banner! much better than the original, this banner now features a stormtrooper helmet!! wow!!
anyway that's all for now.

lego indiana jones xbox360 review

I recently completed lego I.J. for the 360, and I enjoyed it very much.

first off, the visuals:
as you know from other lego games, everything! very nice graphics, designers manage to blend lego with realistic stuff, see the picture below:
user posted image
look closely. some parts of the enviroment are entirely lego, and others very realistic. anyway, it was a good idea, as having entire levels designed entirely out of lego would be somewhat brain numbing.

next, the gameplay.

fairly simple controls, use the R stick to move indy, and the L stick for the camera (witch, though it is unlike third person cameras, does help when trying to find mini kits and stuff.)
different characters have different weapons, moves (such as marion can jump high) and appearances.
user posted image
the cut scenes are somewhat funny, and with a few pop culture references, such as when indy pulls out C3P0's head and shows it to the russians.

finnaly, extras.
as with other lego games after lego star wars II, you can mix and match lego bodyparts you have unlocked and create your own lego guy to tear it up in free play.
there is also the option of co-op, but *cough* its easier to *cough* just let the coms *cough* do it for you *cough*.
user posted image


GOOD: more lego!

BAD: more lego...

7.8 outa ten

artc fartc

one of my good friends, adam, has made himself a brand spankin' new blog, and to top it all off, there are invision free forums aswell.
He will be blogging about art and tech stuff...simmilar kinda thing to me.
hope you have time to take a look...the blog is here:
and the forums are accessible through it.
and while your in the mood for great forums, take a look at fx console, you may have seen my earlier post about it, but there it is again.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


well...I know you have all heard of spine world, the mmorpg that takes you through some weird would were you can buy clothes, play do anything on this game you really do have to be a member...really....there is basically nothing you can do without a membership, and though it is, as they want you to believe 'cheap', who wants to spend money on some crappy 2D based game that you will get bored of in like two minutes? The only members on it are either 7 year olds or late 40's verterans! there is no place for a mmorpg fan in this place! you have to be obsessed with gimmicky flash games that are full of glitches and gay nitrome-clone plushies to want to play this for ten consecutive seconds! HECK, this makes CLUB PENGUIN LOOK GOOD!

verdict: 1.5 /10 ...just go and play WoW....

Monday, July 20, 2009


I found an interesting website today, well worth a look. It seems to be a collection of weird and interesting pictures from flikr, is the link.

ok, now this is just gettting weird...

more details on the bridget saga....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Donald the Duck Papercraft.

Ichinogami - 3d papercraft

have made a very cool Ronald the Duck papercraft, and you can get the templates from here there site.
This template may be for a bit more experienced users, but I invite you to have a try.


it seems that at this point the results are all tied, hopefully somebody will vote!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

poll or else.

Just to shake things up a little bit, I made a little poll and put it in the side bar.
The first poll topic...drumroll... whether Steve Jobs turtle neck obsession is a bit weird...
anyway, I know I have pretty much no body reading my blog at the moment, but you really should vote. remember, with the views I'm getting with feed burner, 1 vote really will make the difference....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the final countdown....

ok, I know I keep on maing a big deal about this, but its the final 10 days until my, you guessed it, MY BIRTHDAY!!! HOORAY!

I shoudl really stop randomly posting these happenings, but, as I have nothing better to say, I was hoping this would suffice.

also, in latest news, Bing is waaaay better than google, but the homepage sucks. I dont like how it has a photo and with the grey backround and everything. I would rather some electric-modern orange graphics or something. But that's just me.

11 days till my birthday!

yay! I am getting pretty excited. I am hoping that the money I get will be enough to buy a new phone...the one I have now is pretty bad, so it would be nice to update.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

iphone 3Gs...interesting....

so, apple releases the iphone 3Gs. apparently it has a longer battery life, video capabilities and... A COMPASS? It is very weird to me that they would mention that in their advertising scheme, doesn't the iphone already have a GPS app? That would have a compass in it, anyway. To me the 3Gs is a fairly bad idea on apples part, I think they should be advertsing that you should be able to send your iphone 3G to them, and they can update it with a better battery and camera software?
Seeing as apple is very into getting you to send your ipod off to them to get an new battery...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

cool picture I took.

here is an interesting picture I took i the city a short while ago. I shook the camera while I pointed it at some street lights,cars and some other ones from buildings. if you want a larger 12 mega-pixel version of it, simply leave a comment!

YAY! I am getting Xbox live...finnaly!

so, about 10 months back I bought myslef an xbox360, but never got into xbox live, for the following reasons:
A) I do not have a wireless network in my home
B) can't be stuffed getting a wireless router, anyway,
C) even if I did get one, I would have to then buy the little network pick-uperer thingy.

but, (as you can see to the right,) it is 13 days until my birthday, meaning that I will get some money to finally buy a Ethernet cable, and the other one that lets you plug it up to your PC monitor.

Anyway, then I will finnaly enjoy the many wonders of Xbox live...HOORAY!!
oh yeah, and I will be able to put my gamer tag everywhere and annoy people, but that's beside the point.

Friday, June 12, 2009

yay! got a new webcam!

a few weeks ago I bought myself a webcam, the microsoft VX-600...I think the model number was. You can see it on the left. but just recently, I bought myself a new desktop computer, and what do you know, it came with another webcam, the microsoft VX-1000. as you can see from the my photograph, the new one is much better (it's on the right.)
so know I face the two-webcam connudrum. if I plug both of them in, then the computer will only recognise the VX-1000 when I use it with windows messenger, and I my laptop has a webcam built in, so there's no point plugging it up to that. so I had this idea. To make...(drumroll please...) A SPY CAMERA!!

but...where to hide it... any ideas? email me!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New super mario bros. wii...great...

Nintendo has announced a new super mario bros. game for wii. A side scroller, this game resembles the Nintendo DS game, New Super Mario Bros., and is the next step towards nintendo not only targeting the casual gamer. Ok, alot of you will disagree with that, and I know there have been some good wii games scattered around the place, E.G. madworld, No More Heroes and Galaxy, but that's only one decent game a year! (and yes, I do know that there have been other great wii games,) BUT CUT THE CRAPPY PARTY GAME COMPILATIONS AND GET SOME CORE STUFF INTO THAT PS2 THAT LOOKS LIKE A MAC!!

Ok, now I'm done. Once again, I know what I said is not entirely true, but I do bring up some interesting points.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

funiest thing ever. seriously. the sequal.

funiest thing ever. seriously.

you must watch this!

Star Trek.

Well, I finally got to go and see Star Trek today, and might I say I was very impressed. Acting was superb, same with casting and all that. I was impressed how they pulled it off, you do not have to have seen a single episode of star trek (the tv series) to enjoy fully enjoy it. I will give it a nice four stars outa five.
oh yeah, live long a prosper.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

check this out

cool blog with forums about papercraft, art...whatever! I have been a member for awhile now, but there has been a bit of a drought of new members, so make sure to stop by and spread the love!

The owner of the site is Jun, the legendary creator of the papercraft gadget series, which was how FX became so popular in the first place.
above is the papercraft nintendo DS, by Jun, which can be found on the blog, under gadget series.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

random pic of the time span

uh oh.

godammit! the freaking picture just decided to expire...damn modern technology...that picture was gold in pixels...much like my face...but without the pixels...and the nose. Yeah, that'd do it!


this kid has style.

Monday, June 1, 2009

down bellow

I was just looking at the different stuff you can do with codes...

greetings and salutations!

Hello, I am Bunjie.
No I do not work for the company, anyway, they are spelt BUNGIE.
But that's beside the point.
This is my blog. It is about video games, movies, art, comics...POP CULTURE in general.
So, whether you're a Vulcan or a Green Lantern, I hope you enjoy snooping around...

and there's my first think I could have done something more imaginative!