Saturday, June 13, 2009

cool picture I took.

here is an interesting picture I took i the city a short while ago. I shook the camera while I pointed it at some street lights,cars and some other ones from buildings. if you want a larger 12 mega-pixel version of it, simply leave a comment!


  1. nobody eh? well, I guess no body has commented on any of my posts yet, and I only made this one a few hours ago, so it shouldnt come as much of a suprise...

  2. I have a photo like this too! But it was an accident. I still think the end result - your and mine - is very cool, though! I appreciate your comment on my blog; I appreciate CDA!

  3. hi i commented!! happyy?? haha

  4. hi jenny...
    what blog are we talking about here?
    I tried to find it by clicking on your username, but it seems as though you don't have a blogger one...