Friday, June 12, 2009

yay! got a new webcam!

a few weeks ago I bought myself a webcam, the microsoft VX-600...I think the model number was. You can see it on the left. but just recently, I bought myself a new desktop computer, and what do you know, it came with another webcam, the microsoft VX-1000. as you can see from the my photograph, the new one is much better (it's on the right.)
so know I face the two-webcam connudrum. if I plug both of them in, then the computer will only recognise the VX-1000 when I use it with windows messenger, and I my laptop has a webcam built in, so there's no point plugging it up to that. so I had this idea. To make...(drumroll please...) A SPY CAMERA!!

but...where to hide it... any ideas? email me!