Thursday, June 11, 2009

New super mario bros. wii...great...

Nintendo has announced a new super mario bros. game for wii. A side scroller, this game resembles the Nintendo DS game, New Super Mario Bros., and is the next step towards nintendo not only targeting the casual gamer. Ok, alot of you will disagree with that, and I know there have been some good wii games scattered around the place, E.G. madworld, No More Heroes and Galaxy, but that's only one decent game a year! (and yes, I do know that there have been other great wii games,) BUT CUT THE CRAPPY PARTY GAME COMPILATIONS AND GET SOME CORE STUFF INTO THAT PS2 THAT LOOKS LIKE A MAC!!

Ok, now I'm done. Once again, I know what I said is not entirely true, but I do bring up some interesting points.

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