Friday, July 31, 2009

new title banner!

as you may have seen, we now have a new and totally improved title banner! much better than the original, this banner now features a stormtrooper helmet!! wow!!
anyway that's all for now.

lego indiana jones xbox360 review

I recently completed lego I.J. for the 360, and I enjoyed it very much.

first off, the visuals:
as you know from other lego games, everything! very nice graphics, designers manage to blend lego with realistic stuff, see the picture below:
user posted image
look closely. some parts of the enviroment are entirely lego, and others very realistic. anyway, it was a good idea, as having entire levels designed entirely out of lego would be somewhat brain numbing.

next, the gameplay.

fairly simple controls, use the R stick to move indy, and the L stick for the camera (witch, though it is unlike third person cameras, does help when trying to find mini kits and stuff.)
different characters have different weapons, moves (such as marion can jump high) and appearances.
user posted image
the cut scenes are somewhat funny, and with a few pop culture references, such as when indy pulls out C3P0's head and shows it to the russians.

finnaly, extras.
as with other lego games after lego star wars II, you can mix and match lego bodyparts you have unlocked and create your own lego guy to tear it up in free play.
there is also the option of co-op, but *cough* its easier to *cough* just let the coms *cough* do it for you *cough*.
user posted image


GOOD: more lego!

BAD: more lego...

7.8 outa ten

artc fartc

one of my good friends, adam, has made himself a brand spankin' new blog, and to top it all off, there are invision free forums aswell.
He will be blogging about art and tech stuff...simmilar kinda thing to me.
hope you have time to take a look...the blog is here:
and the forums are accessible through it.
and while your in the mood for great forums, take a look at fx console, you may have seen my earlier post about it, but there it is again.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


well...I know you have all heard of spine world, the mmorpg that takes you through some weird would were you can buy clothes, play do anything on this game you really do have to be a member...really....there is basically nothing you can do without a membership, and though it is, as they want you to believe 'cheap', who wants to spend money on some crappy 2D based game that you will get bored of in like two minutes? The only members on it are either 7 year olds or late 40's verterans! there is no place for a mmorpg fan in this place! you have to be obsessed with gimmicky flash games that are full of glitches and gay nitrome-clone plushies to want to play this for ten consecutive seconds! HECK, this makes CLUB PENGUIN LOOK GOOD!

verdict: 1.5 /10 ...just go and play WoW....

Monday, July 20, 2009


I found an interesting website today, well worth a look. It seems to be a collection of weird and interesting pictures from flikr, is the link.

ok, now this is just gettting weird...

more details on the bridget saga....

Saturday, July 18, 2009