Saturday, July 25, 2009


well...I know you have all heard of spine world, the mmorpg that takes you through some weird would were you can buy clothes, play do anything on this game you really do have to be a member...really....there is basically nothing you can do without a membership, and though it is, as they want you to believe 'cheap', who wants to spend money on some crappy 2D based game that you will get bored of in like two minutes? The only members on it are either 7 year olds or late 40's verterans! there is no place for a mmorpg fan in this place! you have to be obsessed with gimmicky flash games that are full of glitches and gay nitrome-clone plushies to want to play this for ten consecutive seconds! HECK, this makes CLUB PENGUIN LOOK GOOD!

verdict: 1.5 /10 ...just go and play WoW....

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