Sunday, June 14, 2009

iphone 3Gs...interesting....

so, apple releases the iphone 3Gs. apparently it has a longer battery life, video capabilities and... A COMPASS? It is very weird to me that they would mention that in their advertising scheme, doesn't the iphone already have a GPS app? That would have a compass in it, anyway. To me the 3Gs is a fairly bad idea on apples part, I think they should be advertsing that you should be able to send your iphone 3G to them, and they can update it with a better battery and camera software?
Seeing as apple is very into getting you to send your ipod off to them to get an new battery...


  1. bring up some interesting points.

  2. lol thats not bad dude how do u make thease

    from bhutc47

  3. wow..
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