Thursday, August 13, 2009

guitar hero world tour drum set papercraft: BETA

I just finished the beta for the guitar hero: world tour drum set that so many FX consolians have been drooling over for months.
I wouldn't suggest you make this if you are new to papercraft, as this is a beta, and you will have to assemble a few minor pieces for yourself. (that's only if you want it to be just like the photo of my original)
The templates can be found HERE.
Eventually there will be a microphone, box and guitar to go with it.
Anyway, happy building!
(disclaimer: high hats may need to be trimmed)
user posted imageuser posted image
also comes with a foot pedal.


  1. hey bunjie, I've been trying to email you at your yahoo mail but it keeps bouncing back to me, can you send me your correct email address. thanks.

  2. that's really weird...umm...ok

  3. I am having trouble contacting you through, it says only one submission per user?
    anyway can you comment back with your email so I can send them directly to it>

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