Thursday, May 27, 2010

E3 2010 just around the corner...

So, E3 2010...
I am extremely excited for a more in depth look at Project NATAL, as I am an XBOT.
Last year we got an enticing look at MILO, with its realistic character model and innovative design, this title will most definitely be one of NATAL's must have games.

Alot of internet discussion has been surrounding this game, some people even saying that it will never come out...and to tell you the truth, if NASA can't make intelligent AI on their super computers, (and although the 360 is pretty freakin' awesome) there's no way in hell they can do it on our home consoles.

In other stuffs, I HATE 3D.

Ok, a little over-exaggeration there, 3D is great and all, but I really don't think it will EVER become the standard for TV's and theater until glasses are not required. Take a look at this little scenario:

Carl has invited his friends over for dinner, and after they are going to watch a movie on his new 3D TV. They finish dinner, and go downstairs to watch the movie. there are 8 friends. Carl has 4 pairs of glasses. FAIL for Carl who bought a 3D TV, LOL for me.

Ok, this post has gone completely off track, but yeah...STUFF!

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