Friday, June 4, 2010

New star wars TFU2 pics

Hey stuffers,
some new SWTFU2 pics have been released:

Is it just me, or is his right eye blue? You probably can't tell from the smaller size image, to see the large version
Maybe it's just a mistake...what do you think? Sound off in the comments!


  1. My comment is. I DONT GET WHY UR MAKING SUCH A BIG FUSS ABOUT THE FORCE UNLEASHED. The first one only got 7.6 on IGN. Also, I think it's just u.

  2. The Force Unleashed is a highly underrated game, not to say in any way that nearly 8 is a low score. I know there were a few glitches and gameplay hitches, but TFU was a great game with a good, star wars feel. Also Joe, considering you played the wii version and thats the only this gen console you own, I would shut your mouth!

  3. Oh yeah, check out it on meta critic. AV club gave it a 9.1!

  4. Never heard of AV club, anyway. U must be low on readers, knowing that it waz me who played it on the Wii version. But u got, one thing wrong, i'v played it at my cousin's on the 360.

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